Product Warranty Process Terms

Service guarantee

If the product is in normal use and maintenance conditions, performance failure due to material, process or manufacturing problems, during the warranty period, we will provide you with repair, replacement or return warranty services as specified in this document. Performance failures are explained in accordance with the relevant provisions of the statutory warranty (ie “three guarantees”). “Normal use and maintenance conditions” means that the installation, use, maintenance, storage, transportation, etc. of the product meet the requirements of the instructions for use and are used for reasonable intended purposes or purposes. “Influencing normal use” means that the product does not perform the functions it should reasonably expect. We will not charge you for the warranty service, except as stated in advance or in accordance with the law or by agreement. The above are all warranties for our product quality and service, and no other express or implied warranties. If the seller or any other third party has an additional commitment to you, you should request that these third parties be honored and we are not responsible for it.

warranty period

1 The corresponding warranty period for products and components is performed in accordance with relevant standards. The warranty period starts from the date of purchase of the product, and the date of purchase is based on the date of purchase of the product. If there is no valid ticket, the warranty period will be counted from the date of product release. The product bill date is later than the actual delivery date of the product, and the warranty period begins on the actual delivery date of the product.

2 Products or parts that have been repaired or replaced within the scope of the warranty continue to be warranted for the remainder of the warranty period until the product warranty expires.

Warranty solution

For the failure of the product within the warranty, repair is the solution. Wherever practicable, we may attempt to diagnose and resolve your product failure by network, telephone or other remote assistance. If some issues can be resolved by installing the specified software updates or replacements yourself, we will guide you through obtaining and installing such software updates or replacements. If the above methods do not apply or do not solve the problem, we will provide the service according to the type of warranty service the product enjoys. If the solution you request is beyond the scope of the law or our commitment, you will be responsible for the corresponding service fee or depreciation of the product.

How to get warranty service

If you need warranty service, you can contact the product seller or Sochi customer service staff directly. You can also log in to the Sochi official website service support page, or call the service hotline of the related product to contact us. Our service staff will help you. Provide services. When applying for a warranty, you should provide a valid sales-related bill to obtain a warranty. When purchasing a product, you should obtain and keep the completed relevant notes from the salesperson. If the content of the bill does not conform to the actual product, is altered or is unrecognizable, it is considered invalid. If the product has been repaired or replaced, you should keep the maintenance record in a safe place. Warranty cards, valid vouchers, maintenance records, etc. are collectively referred to as warranty vouchers, which are proof that you are entitled to warranty service. If you are unable to provide a valid copy of the above documents, we may also provide you with a warranty if we can confirm that the product or part is covered by the warranty, but this is not our obligation. When you apply for warranty service, you will need to follow some of the necessary procedures we have specified, including providing the necessary information and following specific identification and troubleshooting steps.

Use personal information

The data in the user's product causes unpredictable loss and other risks. The user confirms that the software and data (if any) in the product must be backed up and data recovery is completed before our maintenance. Sochi is only responsible for the inspection and maintenance of the product, and does not provide any data recovery and backup services; in the process of repair and inspection, if the content on the product hard disk is browsed, altered, deleted or modified in any way, Sochi is not responsible for this. For the user's personal procedures and data, Sochi and authorized repairs have no right to retain and cannot be recovered.

Limitation of Liability

Sochi guarantees that it will provide the above services with serious attitude and professional skills. Under no circumstances will it be liable for any of the following:

1 The third party makes a claim for compensation;

2 Loss or loss of your records or data;

3 Special, incidental or consequential damages (including but not limited to unusable, business loss, loss of profits, loss of data, loss of time lost and lost time), even if we are aware of the possibility of such loss, we The items left by the users in the products to be repaired are not responsible.

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