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Project background

A center of mayan  in Guatemala, the largest city in Central America.It has 996 square kilometers, rich in resources and wildlife, and is always a good livable city.The old video monitors were too small and their functionality was outdated, so it couldn't meet the increasing regulatory requirements.

To address the immediate security concerns, Guatemala's municipal party committee, the government's plan, and prepare safe urban projects.


Knowing the government's requirements, South Korea wants to set up a 1 monitoring center, 1018 high-definition monitoring points, 6 facial recognition systems and 20 checkpoint systems.

The monitoring site covers major streets, intersections, major highways, schools, parks, hospitals and other important public places.Face recognition system and license plate recognition system can effectively blacklist and automatically alarm personnel and vehicles, so three-dimensional real-time monitoring can be around four hours to catch suspicious vehicles and personnel.

The system USES optical fiber for transmission of light to ensure the safety and stability of data transmission, so the site of hd video can be delivered to the monitoring center in time.

In the data center, there are redundant platform core servers such as databases, central management units, central access units, media forward units, media storage units, facial recognition units.At the monitoring center, there are eight 50-inch high-definition LED screens.The integrated 4T slot array is used for about four hours of storage in 90 days, so the time to store video is at low power consumption and cost.


It provides a three-dimensional management means, so that the efficiency of urban safety management is more advanced and efficient.