Campus solutions

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1.Terrorists may find campuses vulnerable because they are crowded with civilians and have weak security.

2. In recent years, there have been a lot of things happened to the schools, teachers and students, for example, the teachers and students suffered from outsiders, suffered malicious injury or trampled on the stairs, lost valuable property and so on.

3. Traditional closed-circuit television systems are outdated, with bad video quality and incomplete details without conclusive evidence.

4. The security subsystem on campus works alone, which is not easy to manage. There is no data sharing or alarm linkage, so the response to emergencies is slow.

5. The system is unreliable because video storage device is not multiple and monitoring video is not backed up.


Comprehensive solution to ease the worries of customers on campus.The scheme adopts gas welding integrated management platform, hd camera monitoring website, decoding video on the central platform, and distributed and centralized storage structure.It becomes a multi-level, multi-functional, quick response and information sharing scheduling and command system.The solution includes real-time video monitoring, perimeter prevention, access control and patrol management subsystem, and seamless integration through gas welding integrated management platform.It turns passive monitoring into active monitoring, and improves video utilization efficiency and safety system performance.The external interface provided by the platform connects other education or public security department systems;Monitoring video resources can be Shared in the education department, in the private education network police and other government departments.

Clients' interests

1. Full hd monitoring provides clearer images and provides more reliable evidence for future investigation and responsibility definition.

2. The intelligent analysis technology changes the passive monitoring into active prevention, improves the performance of the monitoring system, and relieves the working pressure and strength of safety protection.

3. All field cameras adopt high compression ratio and efficient coding platform to save a lot of transmission bandwidth and storage space.

4.1 fault-tolerant mechanism, distributed and centralized storage strategy to avoid data loss and make the system more secure and reliable.

5. Our platform is education or police department that can integrate third-party systems to share data and facilitate coordination and dispatch.

6. All independent security subsystems are effectively integrated and interconnected and no longer isolated from their information, and their cooperation is therefore conducive to a unified emergency response and high-level visual safety of the campus.