Intelligent access control system

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How to manage website keys is always a problem for operators, especially those who have thousands of websites in a region, and have hired maintenance agencies to do site maintenance well, big operators.In addition, the intrusion and theft occurred a lot of unattended sites, which is very necessary to monitor the real-time site entrance and exit.The operator also needs good management tools to help check what is going on with the maintenance plan and whether maintenance staff are on schedule.

There are too many regular buttons for website management

2. Maintenance agencies are often used to maintain websites, but there is no good way to manage their access rights

3. There is no objective record to show whether the maintenance staff or organization has followed the inspection plan

4. Is there any good way to authorize/cancel access

5. The monitoring system cannot automatically disauthorize the presence of persons on the scene

6. The monitoring center has no remote control for the field door

To solve

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1. Improve operation efficiency and reduce the security risk of managing complex keys

2. Real-time monitoring and timely discovery of special site visits

3. Reduce the lost key of equipment theft

4. Site attendance rate of daily work of auditors

5. Provide site attendance reports