Touch new experience, 15" Soncci IP65 waterproof capacitive screen industrial tablet

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Soncci PPC-SY1518 industrial tablet front panel can be better waterproof, it is based on Intel Celeron processor J1900, with 2PIN Phoenix terminal power input, compared to the previous touch and quality upgrade, capacitive screen 10 points Touch better touch experience and brushed aluminum alloy fashion beauty, capacitive touch screen and brushed aluminum alloy front panel all-round fit, display surface can be better dustproof, waterproof level up to IP65.

The possibility of the brushed aluminum front panel is released to seamlessly satisfy the user and convey the customer's needs. High reliability can be achieved under COM port RS422/485 communication.

The PPS-SY1518 supports self-service kiosks to the next level of multimedia capabilities and provides a second VGA display support that enhances the interactive experience and delivers a versatile and comprehensive solution. The second display in the kiosk can simultaneously play an advertisement or provide a promotion, while the primary display provides information, processing registration, and other on-demand functions for the user.

main feature

15", 4:3 industrial tablet

Quad-core Intel Celeron processor J1900

LED backlight high brightness

4 groups of USB / 1 VGA / 1 RJ-45 / 1 HDMI / 1 2PIN Phoenix terminal / 4 COM

COM port supports 1 422/485

Support power on

Installation support: embedded, desktop bracket, wall-mounted 75 × 75mm, 100 × 100mm

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