Hospital solutions

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1. Crowded hospitals are favorable targets for terrorists;Their security staff is not enough to ensure the VIP's place or area, such as a pharmacy or cashier, where it is easy to have security matters or disputes.

2. The traditional CCTV system is outdated, with bad video quality and incomplete information without solid evidence.

3. Events that cannot be stopped by a traditional closed-circuit television system, but only to keep the evidence, are over.

4. Working independently in the hospital security subsystem, it is not easy to manage, and there is no data sharing or alarm linkage to speak of, so it is very slow to respond to emergencies.

5. The system is unreliable because video storage means are not multiple and monitoring video is not backed up.


This solution USES a combination management platform, hd cameras to monitor points, and a central platform to decode video and distributed and centralized storage structures.It becomes a multi-level, multi-functional, quick response and information sharing scheduling and command system.The solution includes real-time video monitoring, perimeter defense, access control and more management subsystems, which are integrated seamlessly through the chill integrated management platform.It changes the passive monitoring into active monitoring, improves the work efficiency of security guards, speeds up their response to emergencies, and enhances the system performance of security.The platform supports multiple network protocols, so it can be connected to each other in a healthy way or to systems such as the police.

Clients' interests

1. Full hd monitoring provides clearer images, thus becoming firmer evidence for investigation and definition of responsibility.

2. The intelligent analysis technology changes the passive monitoring into active prevention, improves the performance of the monitoring system, and reduces work pressure and the strength of security personnel.

3. High compression ratio and efficient coding platform in coding format adopted by all field cameras to save a large amount of transmission bandwidth and storage space.

4.N + 1 disaster recovery mechanism, distributed and centralized storage strategy, to avoid data loss and make the system more secure and reliable.

5. Our platform is capable of integrating with third-party systems in the health and police departments, sharing data and facilitating coordinated scheduling.

6. Security guards can complete all necessary operations on only one platform. Security subsystems such as video monitoring are integrated into one platform to enable them to respond more quickly and efficiently.