Retail point-of-sale systems

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Commercial electronic cash register is the product of the combination of microelectronic technology development and modern commodity circulation management concept and technology development, while commercial electronic cash register is one of the basic electronic equipment necessary for modern and automatic business management.The world's first cash register was made in 1879 by brothers James and John liddy of the United States, which enabled only record keeping and the monitoring of employer misconduct.To 60 s, along with the rapid development of electronic technology, Japan take the lead in the successful development of electronic cash registers (ECR), is of epoch-making significance for the invention of the electronic cash register, its technical performance and business function is far more than the prototype of institutional cash register, with the characteristics of a multi-functional intelligent and network be conducted on commercial sales services management, accounting management, commodity management effective tools and instruments.By the mid - eighty - s, special function of strong commercial terminal system (POS), became the third generation of the cash register, POS and ECR's biggest difference is that it has the characteristics of the instant directly enter an item in an account, a strong online real-time processing ability, POS will computer hardware and software integration, form a kind of intelligent, can work independently, can work under the network environment of commercial workstation.

The significance

Commercial electronic cash register to satisfy the desire of the shop operators around the world, it is high accuracy in accounting business, sales statistics on the high practical and efficient willfulness, commodity management, makes the business operator investment is not big, but it can be quickly, accurately and in detail to master all the data in the process of commodity circulation, makes the operators in the market research, internal management, decision-making consultation, employee department for examination and assessment of results, and on a large scale to reduce operating costs.Without commercial electronic cash registers, it is no exaggeration to say that business is automated and modernized.In the future business, without the help of commercial electronic cash registers, operators will be at an absolute disadvantage in the market competition.


Collect money quickly, customer satisfaction

Cashier through to the customer purchase information entry, the cash register to make a rapid response, correctly calculate the volume, and shows the receivable money, the amount of money, change information, such as reducing the cashier for the calculation of turnover time, raised the speed of the cashier, especially cashier speed from the commodity bar code technology for three times, reduce the time of a single transaction, improve the management efficiency, convenient for customers.

Support multiple payment methods

Support cash payment, check, credit card, foreign currency, gift certificate, bill of lading and other payment methods.Even in the same transaction, in a variety of ways to meet the different levels of customer needs.

Performance statistics for management services

The cash register can record the cashier's sales performance in business and the shopping information of customers, and can print various forms of reports, directly improving the objective basis for the decision maker for the management service.

Accurate checkout, prevent fraud

The application of cash register makes the enterprise's money and goods under strict control, shortens the checkout time and improves the accuracy.

Functions and applications:

Soochow retail terminal solutions help brand enterprises build strong terminals, so that the terminals truly become a channel for communication between the brand and consumers, and become a stage for the brand.

To change the way of publicity, replace the original plane POP with digital poster and advertising video, carry out all-round brand image publicity and product information publicity, the information is extensive, the advertising change is convenient, do not need large-scale and long-term printing of publicity materials.Not only reduce the cost of brand and product publicity, but also effectively improve brand image promotion;

The urgent and important information is released in time, and timely information is transmitted through the letter function of the advertisement machine at any time.

With multi-angle training for terminal sales staff, it can convey the brand culture and product knowledge to the terminal without obstacles and losses, improve the business ability of terminal staff and effectively improve sales performance.

The touch inquiry function is used to improve the personalized service and increase the interaction between the brand and consumers to shorten the distance.