OEM/ODM service

One of the important features of the industrial control industry is the diversification and personalization of product demand, resulting in many solutions based on standardized products that can not meet the requirements or achieve the effect of use, relying on Sochi's rich experience and product resources accumulated in the industrial control industry for many years, In the process of fulfilling the customer's many customized requirements, a customized service team with design and development capabilities has been established, which can quickly transform the customer's ideas and needs into practical solutions.

By leveraging the R&D manufacturing, extensive supply chain resources and service models provided by Sochi Technology, we help our customers reduce (or even eliminate) many of the day-to-day implementation (design, manufacturing, logistics) challenges, so customers only need to focus on core value business and Technology, with less time and money, can achieve the desired products and solutions, reduce the company's production and management burden, and improve the company's R & D productivity and market competitiveness.

Customized service area

◎ Customization of operating system Windows;

◎ Development of integrated workstations, tablets and monitors with touch screen, LCD screen and control buttons;

◎ Data acquisition control board and communication board development;

◎ Embedded motherboard development based on X86/ARM architecture;

◎ Industrial computer development based on custom chassis to system assembly;

◎ System-level product development against harsh environments.

OEM customized service process

Intention to negotiate (understand customer needs and plans) → Product proposal (providing development solutions for customers to choose) → Project evaluation (evaluating product feasibility and signing R&D agreement) → R&D implementation (project engineer implementation product design, prototype production and test verification ) → Sample confirmation (delivering the prototype to the customer for testing and usage feedback) → Trial production (for small batch production and trial use) → Mass production delivery