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With the development of science and technology, people's expectations for IT digital products have also become practical from the initial good-looking and fun, to a more rational high-value output, deep enjoyment stage. As a new turning point, the integrated computer is a star that has become a star in recent years, compared with traditional desktop computers, with simple connection, space saving, power saving, high value, more beneficial to the control experience of commercial and home users, and display of corporate image. product.

Sochi Technology recently launched a series of commercial computer integrated machines to meet the three values of high value, space and practicality. Its design is not too casual. After all, commercial office users have high requirements for “beauty”. The body adopts an elegant and fashionable silver + black color scheme, and with the back "L" bracket support mode, the keyboard can be placed on it, so that the body can save more desktop space. This model tailored for business users, it is necessary to be more in line with the aesthetic level and spiritual temperament, and this product is undoubtedly a lot of effort in this regard - simple, simple, and simple.

After simply getting started, it is obvious that Sochi Technology intends to minimize the factors that affect vision, whether it is front or back. In addition to the screen, the bracket, the silver panel is the main, and the silver mesh grille on the back constitutes the design language of the whole machine, which makes the machine have a fashionable style at the same time, and it exudes a fashionable atmosphere all the time. Its vent is located on the back of the fuselage. The round port on the base allows the user to take care of the cable, and the back of the cable is not too monotonous. When using it, only one power cord needs to be connected, so that the entire desktop is refreshed. At the same time, the screen bracket can be customized to the angle of use, and the user can adjust to a comfortable screen angle according to individual needs.

There is a set of port clusters under the fuselage bracket and the rear side of the fuselage. The position below the bracket is relatively concealed. Even if a large number of wires are connected, it will not affect the overall appearance. It is equipped with DC power interface, RJ-45 network interface, VGA interface. , USB interface and audio port, the rear port is provided for frequently used "warm devices" such as USB interface and power switch / restart switch. In general, it is complete and scientific in the design of interface extensions.

Hardware performance, this series of products is rich in configuration, optional 19/22/24/27-inch screen, Intel Core i3/i5/i7 or AMD quad-core processor, 4GB/8GB capacity memory, 64G/120G/240G/512G SSD solid state drive or 500G/1TB mechanical hard disk storage space to support the operation of Windows systems. In addition, the fuselage also has built-in front camera, WIFI and speaker functions, which is very good for the user experience. The hardware configuration of the whole machine is just right, there is no flashy place.

Summary: The commercial one machine series is a product born for commercial office. The simple and neat appearance of the machine is still very temperament. In terms of picture quality, the large screen is good in color reproduction, and is equipped with wide-angle view. Degree can make the senses better, and in terms of configuration, since the current commercial ones are not equipped with independent graphics cards, they are not recommended to those who are engaged in animation and film design. Sochi Technology will be equipped with the next new product. Independent graphics card, it will face a wider professional population! If you are not very cold on the graphics card, then this is a very competitive all-in-one machine, with a variety of affordable prices, stylish design can attract every user who pursues quality.

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