Industrial monitoring system

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The requirement of large data volume and high speed transmission, such as image and voice signal, has also spawned the combination of Ethernet and control network which is popular in the commercial field.This networking wave of industrial control system integrates various popular technologies such as embedded technology, multi-standard industrial control network interconnection and wireless technology, thus expanding the development space of industrial control field and bringing new development opportunities.

The relationship with the information network

From the perspective of development history, the development of information network architecture is similar to that of control system architecture.The development of enterprise information network generally experienced the following development stages:

Set based on host centralized mode

Almost all computing and processing tasks are performed by powerful hosts, with little interaction between users and hosts.

I is based on the hierarchical structure of the workgroup

The development of microcomputer and LAN technology enables people of similar nature to form groups, share certain public resources, and strengthen communication and collaboration among users.

(3) based on Internet/Intranet/Extranet network organization

The development of computer network technology makes it the mainstream of modern information technology, especially the development and popularization of Internet make it the embryonic form of the acknowledged global information infrastructure in the future.By adopting mature technologies and standards of the Internet, Intranet and Extranet were proposed for the realization of enterprise Intranet and enterprise Extranet respectively, thus forming a new generation of enterprise information infrastructure (enterprise network) that is centered on the Intranet and supplemented by Extranet.

Computer control system also experienced several development stages, such as centralized control, hierarchical control and network control based on fieldbus.

With the further application and improvement of enterprise information network, it is an inevitable trend that the field control information enters the information network to realize real-time monitoring.In order to improve the social benefit and economic benefit of enterprises, many enterprises are trying their best to establish a comprehensive management information system, which must include the real-time data information of production site, so as to ensure the real-time control of the operation state of production process, make the enterprise management decision-making scientific, and achieve the optimized state of production, operation and management.A control information integration will to achieve comprehensive enterprise automation CIPA (computerintegratedplantautomation) and enterprise information to create favorable conditions.

The similarities between enterprise information network and control system in the process of architecture development are not accidental.In the development of computer control system, the emergence of control system of each structure always lags behind the development of corresponding computer technology.In fact, in most cases, it is only after the emergence of a new technology in the computer field that people begin to study how to apply this new technology to the field of control.In view of the differences between the two application environments, the technical details have been appropriately modified and supplemented, but the principles and implementation of key technologies have much in common.It is because of the relationship between them that it is possible to realize the integration of information and control.

Ethernet networks

Control network development, its basic trend is gradually to open, transparent communication protocol.The root cause of the problem above is that the openness of fieldbus is conditional and incomplete.Ethernet has the advantages of high transmission speed, low cost, easy installation and good compatibility, and is widely used in commercial systems because it supports almost all popular network protocols.In recent years, with the development of network technology, Ethernet has entered the control field and formed a new Ethernet control network technology.This is mainly due to the development of industrial automation system towards distributed and intelligent control. Open and transparent communication protocol is an inevitable requirement.Due to the wide variety of field buses, they are not compatible with each other.The openness of Ethernet TCP/IP protocol makes the communication in industrial control field has incomparable advantages.