Digital signage

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With the development of modern technology, the application of digital display technology will be everywhere.Digital signage has been widely used in the fields of finance, telecommunication, hospital, shopping mall, supermarket, hotel, public place and so on.The system adopts advanced design concept and open interface, which can integrate multiple applications.The digital signage system can make statistics and record the playing time, playing times and playing range of multimedia content. It can also realize more powerful interactive functions while playing, which brings opportunities for creating new media.Abroad, it has been juxtaposed with paper media, radio, television and the Internet.


The digital signage system consists of five parts: control end, management end, network platform, playback end and display terminal.Embedded ipc 1037U configuration system needs to be designed into the actual player, using a professional processor, integrated functions of video chip, supporting full high-definition video.At the same time, there is no fan design, compact size, suitable for all kinds of harsh operating environment.Ipc is used for digital signage playback system, which has the following performance advantages:

Low power consumption, partial no fan;

High conformity;

Multi-display output;

Stable and reliable

Thin and compact, flexible installation.

Playback system

Full aluminum case with high heat, Intel Celeron 1037U processor, 6 RS232 serial ports, 1-2 1000M adaptive network ports, 4 USB ports.The display has VGA, HDMI display output interface, can connect LCD and LED various digital displays.Display chip Intel?HD Graphics, support 720P, 1080P video and image playback.Storage can be up to 2.5 inch hard disk, MSATA solid state hard disk is optional as storage disk, can be hung on the wall.


1. The simple program editing interface allows operators to publish all kinds of text, icon, animation, video, audio information and other digital information as they wish at any time and any place without special training, which can be integrated into a "digital sign" and published in the form of advertisement.

2. Convenient maintenance.The system will play automatically, without the need for special management operation. Even if the terminal player is cut off unexpectedly, the system will play again automatically when the power is recharged, without human operation.

3. Powerful multi-picture layer mixing function, supporting mainstream formats such as compound video, component video and HDTV hd video, and realizing mixed display in various ways such as arbitrary window opening, transparent superposition, stunt turning and scrolling text.

4. Use a variety of media expressions (video, audio, picture, animation), and call the narrowcast system.

5. A dynamic advertisement that allows the content to change constantly.

6. Similar to advertisements on TV and websites, but it is highly targeted, flexible in form and on demand in content.Therefore, it can be mixed with existing production tools (such as web page making, VCD making, FLASH making, etc.).

7. It is a new technology that integrates network technology, multimedia broadcasting technology, software component development and integration technology. It is a user-oriented technology, that is, users can easily learn to make various signs by themselves.

8. This is a rapidly developing technology, and it is becoming mature, including the technology, market and industry structure.

System advantage

1. Centralized control and centralized management:

Remote control over the wan network allows you to play different advertising information in different places, different audiences and different time periods without changing or inserting CARDS manually.Software upgrade can be operated remotely without manual presence.

2. Real-time release:

Timely release emergency information, emergencies and media files, and realize simultaneous release of instant information such as bank foreign exchange, fund interest rate, policies and regulations, promotional activities, weather forecast and clocks.

3. Stability:

Efficient and stable embedded design, plug and play, virus free.

4. Split screen display:

At the same time, a variety of information combinations such as audio and video, picture and letter can be played to realize the free adjustment of any position of video, picture and subtitle, which solves the contradiction of lowering the attention of advertisement only or showing entertainment programs without advertising value.

5. Information security:

Special pricing technology can control all unaudited programs, effectively ensuring the safety of outdoor media.

6. Hd playback:

Support multiple media hd broadcast.